2009 Honour Roll and Annual Listings Deadline

    It is the time of year when the deadline for the 2009 Honour Roll and Annual Listing looms large. Applications or updates submitted online on or before 1 February 2009 will count for the 2009 tables so long as the supporting cards sent to checkpoints are postmarked no later than that date. Updates postmarked after 1 February will be processed in the normal way but scores will be held over to a later listing.

    Some people have asked when they will be able to claim credit online for QSOs made in the 2008 IOTA Contest. We will announce this on the site as soon as we can but, at the time of writing, the software team have still to receive the final adjudicated data from the contest committee. Then they will have to perform some additional checks on the data, and possibly modify the code that matches claimed QSOs to the database. This is likely to take until Easter 2009.

    G3ZAY, 21 Jan 2009