3B8/IZ4AKS & 3B9/IZ4AKS – Mauritius & Rodrigues

    • August 28: Now QRV as 3B9/IZ4AKS [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/3B9-IZ4AKS-15-SSB.mp3 |titles=3B8-IZ4AKS-15-SSB]
    • August 26: Now QRV as 3B8/IZ4AKS [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/3B8-IZ4AKS-17-SSB.mp3|titles=3B8-IZ4AKS-17-SSB]
    • August 25: 3B8/3B9-IZ4AKS website now available.

    Giorgio, IZ4AKS will be active from Rodrigues Island (AF-017) between August 28 – September 4. This will be a holiday-style operation and not a dedicated expedition.

    During his free time, he will concentrate on 10-40m, using a FT-897D (100w) and a vertical placed near the ocean. Prior to and after his Rodrigues activity, Giorgio may also operate from Mauritius (AF-049). Valuable assistance in obtaining a license and logistics goes to 3B8CF & 3B9WR.