3D2 – Rotuma

    • UPDATEdeferred until further notice due to [planned] operation of YT1AD group. [source]

    A team of Pacific DXers have ALL permits in place and are planning to sail for Rotuma during early June 2011 and operate for three weeks.

    The team so far consists of Eddie VK4AN, Rocky 3D2DD, Bill VK4FW + others pending. We already have 24hr power and accommodation arranged. Most of the 3D2A equipment is in Fiji already.

    We are seeking expressions of interest from experienced CW-SSB-Digital mode operators and possibly a 6m enthusiast. Rigs so far include K3, Flex5000A, Emtron DX1b amp, FT-900, spiderbeam, wire antennas, DX88 vertical.

    The callsign has not been assigned yet, but we expect to be issued with either 3D2P or 3D20R. The alternative will be 3D2A/R(otuma).