3D2AG/P – Rotuma

    UPDATE by 3D2AG “Just off the boat from Rotuma DXpedition yesterday! Overall it was a very successful operation, 80m-6m with nearly 8,000 QSOs on CW, SSB, RTTY and JT65 modes. Propagation on 6m, 30m and 20m was very good while 80m, 40m and 10m were not so good. Now busy sorting out QSL requests and expected to mail the first batches out next week. Thanks to all operators for their kind support and for being in the pileups!

    Please note that the OP has managed to bring back with him outstanding QSL requests for 3D2RI Rotuma High School dating back to 2011 and these will also be mailed out (with ‘slight’ delay!) soon. Currently there is nobody at the 3D2RI station knowleadgeable of amateur radio and QSL requests had been ignored for the past several years and were on the verge of being discarded until 3D2AG managed to visit the station. Teachers trained by the 3D2R team haave since been transferred, including the former Principal of RHS.”