3D2DX: Fiji


    March 22/23 – 20 meter was a mess due to Aurora! 30 meter this evening was great – but where was Europe? NA, SA, AS (and of course OC) booming signals – even UA3′s in the log. CU further down the log!! Kenneth OZ1IKY / 3D2DX.


    Kenneth, OZ1IKY is now QRV as 3D2DX from Nadi Bay, Viti Levu. Not Rotuma.

    He is active with Eddie, 3D2A/VK4AN and will remain so until March 30th. 3D2A will continue until April 4th. They are using roof top antennas including a full-size 160m Inverted Vee, Spiderbeam, DX-88 and other assorted antennas. Attention given to Low Bands, but all bands/modes + 6m will be used.

    Earlier info can be found here.

    3D2DX via OZ1IKY.