3D2IR, 3D2AD, A35IR, A35AD, KH8/EA1IR & KH8/N9YU

    UPDATE – 3D2IR now QRV from Fiji, in QSO with N7CW/mm – bound for Kanton island:
    [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/HRD-2011-04-21-121438.mp3|titles=HRD 2011-04-21 121438] [tnx VK7ZE]

    Further to yesterday’s news regarding the withdrawl of some T31A team members, we can report the following courtesy Hrane, YT1AD.

    Part of the team – W6KK, EA1IR and YT1AD made a decision in not going to Kanton island due to obligations and not having a clear return date. Also, there were other personal reasons which made them take the decision in not boarding the boat.

    Carlos, EA1IR and Hrane YT1AD will now make a short expedition to the following Pacific islands.

    • April 20-22 active as 3D2IR and 3D2AD.
    • April 22-26 from Tonga as A35IR and A35AD.
    • April 26-29 again from Fiji as 3D2IR and 3D2AD.
    • April 29-May 1 from American Samoa as KH8/EA1IR and KH8/N9YU.

    QSL information for all this activity for YT1AD and EA1IR is via Carlos, EA1IR.

    *At the moment Hrane has been active from Samoa awaiting the new Pacific trip as 5W8A. Carlos has been QRV as 5W0IR too.[audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/5W8A-15-SSB.mp3|titles=5W8A-15-SSB]