460,000 km per watt!

    • Message from Gary, ZL2iFB

    Today I logged KC0TKS’s beacon on 28.22151 MHz.  I hear US beacons most days on 10m so it’s no big deal, except that he is running just 25mW, albeit with QRSS30 (ultra low speed CW, roughly 30 seconds per dot).  OK, so I didn’t actually hear his signal by ear but the QRSS VD software from AJ4VD worked its magic, integrating the signal over the ~10 minutes it takes to send “TKS”, lifting him out of the noise on the screen.

    A screen grab of the audio spectrum lasting 30 minutes shows his signal clearly readable before it submerged into the murk as the path dried up.

    10m was humming.  I heard three conventional CW beacons for the first time today in my beacon database plus a number of US and central American stations, including 6Y5WJ/M, Junior, navigating the traffic in Kingston, Jamaica, all around 00:00z.

    As 10m conditions gradually improve with the increasing solar flux, I urge all hams to use the high HF bands whenever they open, otherwise the CBers and other pirates will move in and make our lives a misery.  

    There’s truth in the old saying “Use it or lose it”!

    Gary  ZL2iFB