4D69DM: Philippines

    • By Ramon DU1UGZ, Vice Chief Operating Officer, Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), Inc.

    The Philippine ham community is deciding to put up a special event station 4D69DM on April 9, 2011 at Mt. Samat in Bataan.

    I discussed the matter with the PARA District 3 Director, Alex Laguisma, DU3LCA, and he said that it is best to put up the station at Mt. Samat because it has all the needed facilities such as electricity and is quite secure. The date was chosen because the Death March happened on April 9, 1942 – some 69 years ago, hence the numeric indicator in the callsign.

    A request will be filed with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Region 3 office for the callsign 4D69DM this week.

    Butch, DU1RP; Alex, DU3LCA and Bong; DU3BS will conduct a site survey where to put the equipment and put up a tent. It will be a straightforward set-up – TS850, SB201, Steppir BigIR. The back up will be an FT897, SB200 and home-brew wire dipoles.

    The operators will be Thelma, DU1IVT; Alex, DU3LCA; Bong, DU3BS; Butch, DU1RP and me, DU1UGZ. We will be operating for 24 hours only.