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    4U1ITU – Restricted activity in future.

    4U1ITU 2009 Antennas installation, courtesy RW3AH
    4U1ITU 2009 Antennas installation, courtesy RW3AH

    Following info from Gerald, HB9AJU

    4U1ITU will be put on the air only very seldom in the upcoming future. The restricted activities are the result of a general assembly of the International Amateur Radio Clubs IARC in May. Several reasons led to this decision including increased security levels at the ITU headquarters, a changed recognition of amateur radio in international communication and last not least that 4U1ITU is not belonging to the most wanted countries anymore. The IARC decided to focus their activities on special modes or conference delegates and to limit all overnight and weekend activities as much as possible. Finally the new antennas were installed on top of the Varembe building.