4U1ITU – Top Band.

    RSGB President, Colin G3PSM reports:

    4U1ITU Rooftop, courtesy RW3AH
    4U1ITU Rooftop, courtesy RW3AH

    4U1ITU will be active during the CQWW CW Contest at the end of November and there will be a 160M operation.

    Currently there is no 160M operation due to the very high noise level from computers both from within the main ITU building itself, but also from surrounding international organisations.

    It is understood that a Titanex V160 has been promised from a Japanese source and it is hoped that time can be found during the week preceding the contest to get the antenna up on the flat roof of the 5 storey Varembe building. However, most of the operators and helpers will be taking part in WRC-12 preparatory meetings during that week.

    A Multi Single operation is currently planned for the contest.

    * On July 6, 2009 we reported on future restricted activities from 4U1ITU.