5R8X – The latest from Madagascar

    • By Jarmo OH2BN

    Now that the 2010 CQWW SSB Contest is history, the low-band operation at 5R8X will get seriously underway tonight, Monday. The low-band site was built but not activated for CQWW because of a severe bout of stomach problems afflicting the group. Also, extended power outages limited 5R8X activity during the past weekend.

    So, starting tonight, 160, 80, 40 and 30M will be activated for the dark hours every night. During the week, a specific pattern may be established for the bands. Activity will run for 8 days, until Tuesday (Nov 9) next week. OH2PM and OH6KN will be at the helm. They did preliminary tests with USA and Japan, and everything is in order.

    They plan to use 1822.5, 3505.5, 3525.0, 7005.5 and 7025.0 and 10105.5 MHz CW almost exclusively. From the base camp, they plan to focus on 24MHz. The distance between the sites is 15km or 1 hour.

    The team remain in good spirits and have passed the 7000 QSO mark. QSL via OH2BH.