5V7V – Togo

    UPDATE – Franco mentions he will be active on 160m this evening (UTC time) for anyone who needs Togo on Top Band. No specific times were noted.


    February 5 – Pino, IZ8BGY informs he has heard from Franco I1FQH / 5V7V. It appears some equipment was damaged on arrival due to severe turbulence affecting the aircraft. Franco is now seeing if he can repair anything with the limited means available in Togo.

    February 1 – Franco, I1FQH will be active from Kpalime Village, west central Togo as 5V7V from February 5 – 17, 2012.  He will use a K3 and amplifier together with vertical antennas. Emphasis on low bands.

    Franco was active as 5V7DX last year. Full info on the official website.