5W0MR, A31A, A31MR, E51LEO, E51PMR, ZL/home 9V/home & other calls TBA.

    5W QTHOn July 13, 2009 DX World of Ham Radio broke the news of an impending expedition to the Pacific organised by Andrea, IK1PMR & Claudia, PA3LEO.  An international team has now been assembled and below is the complete breakdown for their planned Pacific DX-trip:

    • November 11th to 18th: Western Samoa (5W) Andrea requested 5W0MR and all other ops have made individual requests for callsigns. The team for Western Samoa  includes: IK1PMR, PA3LEO, PA0BWL, AA4NN, DJ5IW, OZ1IKY and DJ7JC.
    • November 19th to December 1st: Tonga (A3) Andrea requested A35MR with everyone else requesting their own calls. The team for Tonga will be: IK1PMR, PA3LEO, PA0BWL, AA4NN, OE2SNL, DJ5IW and DJ7JC.  A31A is the callsign granted for participation in the CQ WW CW.
    • December 2nd to 6th: New Zealand (ZL) where they are hopeful of operating from Waiheke Island (OC-201). The ops for this one are again IK1PMR, PA3LEO, PA0BWL, AA4NN, OE2SNL, DJ5IW and DJ7JC. This will be a “holiday style operation” with ZL/home calls being used.
    • December 6th to 13th: South Cooks (E51) is the next destination for the team. Andrea asks for callsign E51PMR and the others will have their own calls too.  The ops for this one are IK1PMR, PA3LEO, PA0BWL, AA4NN, OE2SNL, DJ5IW and DJ7JC.
    • December 14th to 17th: Singapore (9V)  The trip comes to a finish at Singapore where IK1PMR, PA3LEO and PA0BWL will use 9V/home calls.  This one will also be a “holiday style operation” on CW and the digital modes.

    The team has a website. Within the site there is also a survey for you to complete:

    QSL routes are yet to be announced.