5W0OX, ZK3X, T31X, T31UR – Pacific Odyssey 2010

    • June 7

    Our team has safely returned to Apia, Samoa [June 5]. Now we are active on the air as 5W0OX. We would like to describe in brief what happened during last week. After the engine of “Southern Cross” fell out, being 120 nm from the Kanton island, at the meeting of passengers and captain it was decided to go back to Apia under sails. On the way to Apia we approached to Nukunonu Island, Tokelau. Local inhabitants on motor boats towed off us to the lagoon where we anchored. Having settled in the house of the local inhabitant we made radio station and started the activity as ZK3X.


    Fortunately, on Monday 31st of May big vessel “Lady Naomi” arrived to island. It transports people, products and all possible cargoes between Apia and Tokelau once a month. We returned to Apia on the 2nd of June by this ship. And as the saying goes – “we hit the nail on the head”. On the 1st and 2nd of June Samoa celebrates Independence Day. So the team had the possibility to share this holiday. The 3rd of June, it is high time to analyze everything, which happened to us and create new plans. We are Ukrainians, persistent people, so we are not going to refuse from the expedition to the Kanton island. As you know, fortune favours the brave. Owing to the Administration of Port Apia we have found a new vessel, by which on September, 8th, 2010 we are going again to the expedition to Kanton.

    With best regards,
    Pacific Odyssey DXpedition Team

    • May 31 – ZK3X hits the airwaves from Tokelau
    • May 27 – T31X DXpedition cancelled.

    We apologize to the world radio amateur community – for the reasons independent of us, we are not able to carry out the expedition.

    On the 25th of May at 10 p.m. local time the engine of our ship “Southern Cross” fell out, when we were in 120 nm from Kanton island. The captain Paul Green decided to turn the ship and go back to the port of Apia, Samoa under sails. Such decision was determined by the fact that the entry to the Kanton`s cove without engines would be impossible and the repair of engine in the ocean is impossible too.

    The way to Apia, Samoa will take approximately 8-10 days with favorable wind under sails. The food and water must suffice. Our main task at the moment is to come back safe to Apia.

    • May 24 – @ 01:49UTC

    5W0OX/MM enroute to T31 aboard Southern Cross on 20m SSB.

    [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/5w0ox.mp3|titles=5W0OX/MM – enroute to T31] [tnx VK7ZE]

    • May 23

    Ukrainian DXpeditioners left Samoa. They are late because there are some technical problems. Now they have located in Pacific Ocean for sailing during two days and two days more left. Wait in air in two days (call T31X-T31UR).

    • May 20:

    From 5W0OX Team in Apia:

    We are sitting in Apia. The QRM in the hotel doesn’t allow us to work comfortably. It is not strong but while all the siganls are very weak this QRM (air conditioners etc) is very annoying.

    Limited place for the antennas so we could set up only 20m 3 el for now. The water is far away. All the signals are very weak.

    The yacht going out to T31 is delayed. We are waiting and as soon as the outgoing of yacht permission is received we immediately start.

    • May 19: 5W0OX begins operations on 20m:
    • March 6

    Ukrainian DXpeditioners Team (UDXT) is very glad to present our new project – PACIFIC ODYSSEY 2010.

    Sergey/UX0HX, Team Leader/, Oleg /RK3FA/, Alex /UT5UY/, Yuriy /UT1HF/, Oleg /US7UX/, Leo /UR3HR/ and Yuriy Grushevskiy/SWL/ will be active all bands, all modes as:

    • 5W0OX, Samoa (IOTA OC – 097) 18 May – 19 May 2010 
    • T31X, Central Kiribati ( IOTA OC – 043) 22 May – 1 June 2010
    • ZK3X, Tokelau (IOTA OC – 048) 2 June – 6 June 2010

    The main mission of this DXpedition is activating T31 Central Kiribati, Kanton Island, Phoenix Islands Group. This DXCC entity is ranked #7 in EU and #19 in Worlds Most Wanted List.

    The next goal is activating ZK3 Tokelau Islands, which is ranked #29 in EU and #35 in World’s Most Wanted List.

    The running of the DXpedition to remote Pacific Islands is always very expensive. We invite organisations and individuals to make the donation towards the cost of this unique operation. For more information please visit DXpedition WEB site: http://www.uz1hz.com/pacificodyssey.html

    Best 73’s,

    Alex /UT5UY, Co-Leader/