7O1YGF – Yemen: Uploaded to LoTW

    7O1YGF - QSL

    The logs for 7O1YGF have now been uploaded to LoTW.

    Please follow this procedure if you want to claim credit:

    • As with paper applications if you submitted 7O1YGF in the past and had it rejected, we will accept an e-application via LoTW and you will not be charged a submission fee for 7O1YGF only.
    • Make sure you have uploaded your QSOs. DXCC cannot open and search the logs for your QSO since doing this will not show the match that is required for a LoTW confirmation;
    • Access your account and begin the application process;
    • If you select only the 7O1YGF QSOs you will not be assessed the fees that LoTW will report back to you. If you choose other QSOs a regular submission fee will apply;
    • Complete the application (all 4 parts) and DXCC will place your e-application on the list for processing;

    Special note for 7O1YGF applications ONLY: On Part 4 of the LoTW application click “Payment by mail” This step is VERY important to assure proper handling. If you clicked on part one any QSOs other than 7O1YGF you must make proper payment.

    Again: The above is ONLY for 7O1YGF submissions. Applications with other QSOs will be handled, and charged, as a regular submission.

    DXCC will not acknowledge completion of the application. When finished, your numbers in LoTW will reflect the completion of your e-application.

    If you achieve Honor Roll or Top of the Honor Roll from this submission and you would like to order the wall plaque, you can send me an e-mail or fax your order or send the order form by regular mail.

    73 es DX!

    Bill Moore NC1L

    Awards Branch Manager