7O/RA9USU – Journey through Yemen

    UPDATE February 13, 2010 courtesy DX Coffee:

    After conversation in Ministry for telecommunication, with Director for FREQ and regulations, person, ex student in Russia, speak Russian and understand amateur radio, final answer is: NOT license for 7O.
    In last  20 years not any valid license is issued by Yemen Government and Ministry for telecommunication.
    King Husein from Jordan visited Yemen, but answer for HE King Husein was : NOT. Main reason is security!
    73 Hrane YT1AD

    February 12, 2010

    Hrane, YT1AD and Dmitry, RA9USU are currently in Sana’a, Yemen. They are travelling by Toyota Land Cruiser using the established CityPoint system, which allows you to keep track of their travels in Yemen. To date, they have covered more than 1500km along the route Sana’a – Aden – Hoch – Sana’a. Today they returned to Sana’a.

    To view their progress in Yemen, visit http://cplite.citypoint.ru/

    • Login: yemen
    • Password: yemen

    Currently no indication on gaining licenses or radio activity – watch this space!