7P8CF, 7P8AO, 7P8YI, 7P8MM & 7P8OK – Lesotho

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    We will be operating from The Trading Post Lodge in Roma, Lesotho.

    We plan to have 2 full time stations on the air for the entire 14 days on 10-160m for SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK and possibly some LEO satellite work.

    Both stations will be using T-8 Log-periodics thanks to Tennedyne and they will be up at about 70 feet plus. There will also be a 40 meter 4 square and of course the 72 foot vertical will be up for 160/80/30 meters.

    We will have a log search page after the conclusion of our operations.

    *Team member Pista, HA5AO has Propagation Predictions from Lesotho on his webpage.