8th Antarctic Activity Week

    • Message from Gianni, I1HYW

    Worldwide Antarctic Program (WAP)’s Staff, reminds that 8th Antarctic Activity Week, will be held from 00:00 GMT Febr. 21th through 24:00 GMT of Febr. 27th 2011; operating before and after that date is anyway a free choice of each participant.

    Purpose of A.A.W. is to improve Worldwide interest around Antarctic Continent and its related matters, to understand and share what the Nations and Organizations are doing to protect this still non contaminated corner of the world, to share a message of peace WW.

    Antarctic Activity Week, is celebrating every years on last week of February. Updated list of special stations participating the 8th AAW is available here.

    Apply on time your “Special Call” and ask for your WAP Number to join us and enjoy Antarctica as much as we do.