9L5A – Sierra Leone

    The VooDoo Contest Group will be active during CQ WW CW contest, signing 9L5A.

    This year the operators are Ned AA7A, Nick G3RWF, Fred G4BWP, Bud N7CW, Gary ZL2iFB. They will enter the Multi-Two or Multi-Multi category. QRV in the contest will be on all six contest bands (CW only).

    Peri-contest there may also be some activity on WARC bands. The main call-sign is 9L5A, QSL via G3SXW (see qrz.com).

    G3RWF may also activate his 9L1NH call, AA7A his 9L7NS call, QSL via home calls.

    There will be no daily logs but LoTW upload will be soon after returning home. No cash donations are requested for this project, just the usual USD/IRC for direct cards.