A few words from Midway Island..

    Past few minutes, DX World of Ham Radio caught up with one of the operators on the Midway Island (K4M) expedition.

    Don, N1DG says the team have now surpassed 50,000 QSO’s, which is impressive for being three days behind schedule, due to aircraft problems. He says the pileups are beginning to thin now and notes the HF bands (on Midway) are in poor shape, but they keep going. Each operator shift lasts three hours.

    This evening, Midway time, is the last 75m SSB activity from K4M, and by tomorrow EU time, the SSB tent will be taken down with combined operations occuring in the CW tent.

    Don was happy to share an image he’d just taken on Midway showing the low band (160 & 80m) antennas – the Titanex vertical is in the background and the Battle Creek special is in front. The large object in the picture is the gas tank near the dock, which is used by the Coastguard.

    Battle Creek Special / Titanex - courtesy N1DG
    Battle Creek Special / Titanex - courtesy N1DG - click for large.