A Message from Pierre, ZS8M

    Thanks to those who continue to request a QSO who also operate considerately…. BUT……The QRM makers out of Europe are still a massive problem. Italian, Spanish and Russian (including former Eastern Block) being the ones that are the most inconsiderate, BUT the main culprits are Italian operators who have NO respect and a bad operating etiquette. I must qualify this statement: NOT ALL. Thanks to those from these countries who operate considerately and who have emailed me to condemn their own countrymen for bad radio etiquette. In many cases the guilty cannot even hear ZS8M, but they jump on the frequency and add to the chaos. I have blacklisted I5REA for being inconsiderate and creating unnecessary QRM. I state again; it isn’t just Italians (NOT ALL), but rogue operators from other European countries as well.

    It still remains a pure pleasure to work South and North America, Far East (especially Japan), British, French, German, South Africa, etc to name a few. I will blacklist any operator from the ZS8M logbook who does not show consideration towards his fellow operator and follow good DX practice.

    So, if you fall in this category and come from one of the mentioned countries, sort yourself out. You are a disgrace to yourself, your country and the DX community. Italian operators are synonymous as the worst operators for etiquette in the world. If you disapprove of what I say, DO NOT work me. Try listening to the HF bands and listen to the chaos you create.

    Maybe I should be calling; ‘CQ Europe…No Italy’ next time and then see what criticism I receive from Italy. Read www.dx-code.org.

    It is high time the international DX community stand up and take action against these thugs, for the benefit of our hobby.