An Appeal..

    By Col, MM0NDX

    I don’t class myself as an avid DX Cluster user, but when I do view I see the usual suspects moaning or generally behaving badly, using an instant global outlet to express their feelings about a certain DX station or DXpedition. In truth, it’s got steadily worse and is now likely to be the root cause of deliberate QRM.

    Let’s take the current PT0S St Peter & St Paul island DXpedition as a prime example:

    To the normal, unselfish operator, these four guys – on those dangerous rocks – are doing a great job. They have barely slept for days, are pounded by waves which in-turn wreck antennas / radials, they have constant high noise levels (not least on LF bands), very limited internet (via sat phone) to upload logs (to the “Deserving”), are operating round the clock, have spent a fortune to go there — YET this is still not enough for some armchair operators who clearly lack patience, class and have limited, if any, knowledge on operating, particularly when it comes to Dxpeditions.

    I have two questions:

    1) If I were to collate the numerous, sometimes derogatory, comments via the Cluster and list them, with callsigns, I wonder if this form of blacklisting would make them think again?

    2) Is the DX Code of Conduct working, when in reality D-QRM is now at an all-time high?

    Your comments are most welcome, constructively. Like Cluster users I appeal you think before you type.