Announcing the HF DX Challenge

    Objective: the HF DX Challenge seeks to stimulate DXing on the high HF ham bands, from 15m to 4m inclusive (where permitted by local licensing laws). This is an activity period, a friendly competition for DXers and not a contest as such. Please have normal DX QSOs and enjoy yourself chatting with fellow HF DXers around the globe. Make the most of good propagation and high activity while it lasts. Improve your station and try new things.

    • Dates and times: September 1st 00:00 UTC to September 30th 23:59:59 UTC. Weekends in September (especially the first weekend, September 5th and 6th UTC) are likely to be the busiest and most productive periods but remember that it is always sunny somewhere in the world while Sporadic E and meteor trails can occur at any time.
    • Bands: 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m and 4m amateur bands only (where permitted).
    • Modes: any mode of transmission permitted by your license, including exotic modes such as WSJT . Any mode of propagation you can exploit.
    • Power: do not exceed the maximum power permitted by your license. Be reasonable. If conditions permit, turn down the wick and reduce QRM to other DXers. QRP operation is encouraged, provided you have good DX antennas!

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