Another Update from Tasiilaq, NA-151

    • From Rik, OX/DL2VFR in East Greenland

    Less than 40 hours to go … then we have to leave Tasiilaq on Ammasalik Island (NA-151). We do not know if the weather conditions will become worse as reported – however the condx are improving on the bands. Hopefully the 15-meter fiberglas antenna can cope with the winds from the north. Temperature is now constantly below freezing level.

    Heiko, OX/DL1RTL is the “man of our 160-meter-nights” – next night might be the last chance for topband. We will continue on 80 meters as well and we try to catch the good openings on 30 meters to JA and Far East regions. We do have hundreds of JA-stations in the log already!

    Anybody elso who needs NA-151 in the log should have a chance on the upper bands as well. Please use the online-logs to check if you are in the log. We have dozens of unnecessary dupes now.

    Best regards

    Ric, OX/DL2VFR