Antarctic DX News

    UPDATE OH2FFP/P now QRV from Nordenskiöld Base.

    Mika OH2FFP will be operating again from several bases in Antarctica during mid-January to mid-February 2012 using several callsigns in order to avoid confusion.

    OH2FFP/P – special event activation at Nordenskiold multinational camp with Mika informing:

    Nordenskiöld Base activation sounds like a very nice idea as there will be a joint Finnish-Swedish expedition working together, and that will be the case also in the following season. It’s conceivable activity from Nordenskiöld Base will stretch to three or four weekends, so time to make contact.

    OJ1ABOA planned activity from the Finnish ABOA research station

    SM/OH2FFP planned activity from the Swedish WASA research station.

    [Tnx F5PFP]