Antarctic Expedition: 2011

    By Mehdi, F5PFP, FT5YJ, LU/FT5YJ, VP8DLM, CE9XX:

    Members of the 2011 expedition to Antarctica have met with the skipper. Authorisation has been received and the yacht is officially allowed to sail in Antarctic waters. Date has also been scheduled from February 15th through March 31st, 2011.

    Amateur radio activity is not the only goal of the 2011 expedition as the plans will be to follow partially the same itinerary as Charcot did in 1907-1909 with a high interest for Port Circoncision where the French expeditioners established a research station and overwintered in 1908. Also the plans will foresee to stay at 3 places in particular.

    • Marguerite Bay Base E Stonington WAP GBR-05, Base W Detaille WAP GBR-26, Base Y Horseshoe Island WAP GBR-14, East Base, Stonington Island WAP USA-NEW.
    • Argentine & Palmer Islands – Port Circoncision, WAP FRA-06, Groussac refuge WAP ARG-18, Rasmunsssen island refuge WAP GBR-NEW, Yelcho Sub-Base WAP CHL-11.
    • South Shetland Islands – Maldonado Station WAP ECU-01, Republica del Ecuador refuge WAP ECU-NEW or Machu Picchu WAP PER-01, Presidente Aguirre Cerda WAP CHL-04, Caleta Pendulo refuge WAP ARG-NEW.

    Mehdi reminds that one last ticket is for sale and it is possible to join the group as a tourist or ham operator.