Argentina: May Bicentennial Celebrations

    Due to the commemoration of “May Bicentennial Revolution”, which is one of the most relevant milestones in the Argentinian history; Radio Club Argentino RCA, National IARU Member Society announces that all Argentine radio amateurs will be allowed to change their callsign’s prefixes between May 22nd and May 25th, according to the following criteria:

    • LU stations will shift their prefixes to LR
    • LW to LV
    • AZ to LT
    • Amateur Radio Clubs and Associations to LS
    • Scouts Groups, Schools and any other institutions holding a license to AY.

    A special two class award will be issued to radio amateurs and SWL’s worldwide who achieve a certain number of prefixes.

    Since this event is a very special occasion for Argentina, we invite everybody to join us on the air.

    For more details please visit

    Fernando Gómez Rojas – LU1ARG
    Radio Club Argentino