Assistance Needed: Top DXCC

    Hey all! At the top of the site is a page titled “Top DXCC“. It includes the Top 25 Most Wanted DXCC entities (in pictures) as per The DX Magazine 2009 survey. A little below these images is an area named Top 100 DXCC by MP3, which is self-explanatory.. 

    You will see less than half the table is complete.  With your help, I wonder if we could complete this table? I’m sure many DX’ers have saved /recorded that treasured QSO with a rare one? I personally think it would be neat to see the table finished 🙂

    If you are willing to provide an MP3 file (under 2Mb is best) to help fill the table, please feel free to send or email directly to Full credit given.


    Col, MM0NDX on behalf DX