Assistance Required

    Assistance needed for newly licensed Ethiopian radio amateur. Spare HF radio greatly appreciated. Those who have previously worked Abel will realise he is an asset to our hobby. A forward thinking, progressive club/organisation/individual surely has surplus equipment which could be loaned or gifted to Abel to see him active under his new call/license?

    Regardless of Abel’s previous transmissions, here is an audio file showing his competence: 9E2ABL previously — Abel is now propely licensed.

    Hi! I am Abel (ex-9E2ABL). What I want to ask about is that I have passed the RSGB exam and am now properly licensed.. but when I apply for the license here I am required to have a radio & I may pay for the custom duty here but for the radio that I cannot afford so if there is a way like an organization to support or anything…that I can get a radio it will be so helpful. I hope I will get a positive response.

    Thank you, 73 Abel

    • Abel Shifraw
    • PO Box 9239
    • Addis Ababa
    • Ethiopia

    Alternatively, feel free to contact DX – we would be happy to forward on any help.