Bonaire 2010 Dxpedition

    Press Release: 10-10-2010, New DXCC activation of PJ4, Bonaire. The end of a country – The Netherlands Antilles

    With a 99% certainty, many things are about to change for the people and all radio amateurs in the Netherlands Antilles. On October 10, 2010 the Netherlands Antilles will cease to exist as a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the islands will emerge with several new statuses:

    St. Maarten and Curacao will become an independent country within the Kingdom and will be granted the same status that Aruba attained in 1986.

    Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius (also called BES islands) will be given the status of a public body (a kind of special municipality) in the Netherlands and will therefore fall directly under Dutch rule.

    What does this mean for radio amateurs? The two current DXCC entities of PJ2/PJ4 (Leeward Islands) and PJ5/PJ6/PJ7 (Windward Islands) are expected to be deleted. However, several new entities are likely to emerge on 10-10-2010.

    Both St. Maarten (PJ7) and Curacao (PJ2) will become a new DXCC entity.

    Bonaire (PJ4) will become a new DXCC entity.

    Saba (PJ6) along with St. Eustatius (PJ5) will become a single DXCC entity due to their proximity to each other.

    In short, 2 entities will be disappearing, but 4 will come back!

    Activities from Bonaire:

    Everyone knows what an activation of a new DXCC country means and that’s why a group of hams from Bonaire, Germany, The Netherlands and the United States have joined forces to successfully activate Bonaire.

    From six locations around the island, a group of between 15 and 20 amateurs will activate Bonaire between October 10-24, 2010. The primary focus will be all HF bands from 160 to 10 meters including the WARC bands. Due to the time of year, 6 meters will not likely produce much activity, but it will be a consideration. The team will focus on all modes including SSB, CW and various digital modes. Callsigns will be announced prior to the activation. However, we expect the prefix to continue to be PJ4 even after October 10th. Further information about the callsigns to be used will be published on our website –

    With 6 locations around the island, there should be plenty of opportunity for a QSO. However, our premiere location is that of the
    short-wave transmitter site, Radio Netherlands. Bonaire is home to a large relay station and its impressive aerial park which provides up to 21 dBd gain. We are extremely pleased to announce that with the co- operation of the World Service, our group of hams has been granted use of the antennas during their “dead hours” on the HF bands.

    In addition to our other locations, we anticipate being active on HF daily between 12:30 and 18:30 UTC from the Radio Netherlands facility. We expect to utilize this opportunity on 30, 20, 15 and 17 meters. Radio Netherlands is also expected to air a special program dedicated to the new status of the radio amateurs on Sunday, October 10th.

    More information will be available on the Radio Netherlands’ website ( or on the DXpedition website – Between October 11th-15th, the World Service’s facility will also serve another purpose. A group of schoolchildren from Bonaire will be contacting another group of children in the Netherlands who will be the guest of Dutch ham PD1DX. This will provide an opportunity for the group of new Dutch country citizens to ask each other questions in order to get to know one other a little bit better.

    All QSOs will be QSL’d through the services of Global QSL who will be responsible for printing and distributing cards to all QSL bureaus worldwide. If you do not use a QSL bureau or would like to send for a direct confirmation, all QSL information will be published on our website –

    Up to date information will be published on our website – Information on Bonaire, sponsors, activation
    plans and the participants will be listed. In addition, we expect to have an on-line log.

    Given the expected pile-ups, we kindly ask everyone who works us after 10-10-2010 and who finds themselves in the log not to call again. We want to give a new country to as many people as possible.

    At the time of release of this bulletin the following amateurs will join the activation:

    Bonaire: PJ4GT, PJ4LS, PJ4NX
    Germany: DL9USA, DJ8NK
    Netherlands : PA8A, PA8F, PA3GVI, PE2MC, PE2KY, PG4M
    United States: K6AM, N0VD, W4PA, W0LSD
    Puerto Rico : WP3UX

    This list is subject to change. For the latest news about the participants, please visit our website –

    See you in the pile-ups on 10-10-2010!