C21HA – Nauru

    This morning, between 20-21 UTC we were working with Stateside on 12 meters. 1 kHz below our QRG someone was also making QSOs in our pile-up using and identifying himself with our C21HA call sign. We know that there are police stations, we know that tuning on the DX QRG can happen, we know that sometime there is interference on the frequency. We know that sometime pirate stations are working. We know that there are fake spots in the clusters, using invalid own callsign (like HA5DX, but we know the IP address). We know that very strong stations continuously make QRM on our QRG and/or in the pile-up window. However, this cheeky, insolent attitude of this morning surpasses every imagination. No words to classify this person. It is not simply annoying. It is far beyond the rude, impolite behaviour. It will make lots of stations disappointed, as they maybe exchanged reports with this pirate station. We are sorry about it. Is there anything further down? We spent a lots of our money to make other hams happy putting the C2, Nauru into their log.

    That could help you to indentify the real C21HA: we always working with high speed CW, (35 wpm or more) on the higher bands, with 50 wpm rprt and TU. It may be helps.

    [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/c21ha-17cw-201201131941Z.mp3|titles=c21ha-17cw-tnx N6ML]

    January 10 – Following the cancellation of their intended T2, T30 and T33 Dxpedition, Pista HA5AO and HA5UK George now plan activity from Nauru between January 12 to February 6, 2012.

    QRV all HF bands, with two stations.

    QSL via HA5UK.