C4MG – Agios Georgios island – AS-120

    The Nicosia Amateur Radio Club is planning to activate the Agios Georgios islet AS-120 off the coast of Akamas, Cyprus on Saturday and Sunday June 23-24 2012. It’s been three years since the island was last activated in Sept 2009.

    Dates and times: We hope to be on the air by 06:00 GMT on Saturday 23rd and operate through Sunday the 24th at 14.00 GMT.

    Stations: 3 x 100W stations operating at the same time.

    Antennas: 2 x Big SteppIR BigIR verticals, HF2V, homebrew 3el yagi for 50MHz / 2el yagi 10/12/17m.

    Bands: 10-80m, mostly SSB but also some CW. Also, we think for the first time from AS120, operation is planned on 6m (pray for 6m propagation). We will try to focus on DX stations needing AS120 for an all-time new one

    QSL via 5B4KH.

    You may follow us on twitter, @C4MG_AS120

    Team members: 5B4AFM, 5B4AHE, 5B4AHZ, 5B4AJH, 5B4AMF, 5B4MF, 5B4SN, 5B4ZN, 5B8AP.