C56LH – The Gambia

    • Following info, in full, from Derek VK4MIA:

    Jan OZ1IIL is currently active as C56LH from The Gambia. At the time he was on air there was no information on qrz.com as to his QSL information. Jan informed me it was via home call and I have set up a basic profile for “information only” as a lot of stations were all asking the same question over and over.

    Jan seemed in pretty good spirits and even requested names for his log. Unfortunately length of stay is unknown as I didn’t want to hold up the waiting stations any further with extra inquiries.

    At times Jan is having problems with electricity cutting out on him, so if he doesn’t return to you be patient as the dropouts last around 10-15 secs and as he said “it is quite annoying, but there’s nothing he can do”

    I do ask though if anyone has Jan’s home email to please forward it to me so I can release the qrz.com profile to him for his use, as it’s not listed on his home call profile.