C6APR / C6AQO / C6AXD – Crooked Island, Bahamas

    C6APR / C6AXD

    C6APR will be in the IOTA contest from Crooked Island, Bahamas, IOTA NA-113, as a Multi-operator, Mixed-mode, High Power, DXpediton entry.

    The team is W2GJ, K3IXD, W3PP, and K4QO.

    Before and after the contest (from July 23 to 27th) C6APR will be on 80m thru 10m including the WARC bands, CW and SSB. The team will sign C6AXD on RTTY and C6AQO on 6m (grid FL22).

    The calls are good for Bird Rock Lighthouse, ARLHS BAH-005, as well as IOTA NA-113 and Grid Locater FL22tt.

    All QSLs via K3IXD.

    73, Ed