Monday, March 27, 2017
DX Arctic/Antarctic

DX Arctic/Antarctic

VP8DPK – South Georgia

Charles, W7AUM is currently on an expedition cruise (National Geographic Explorer) until November 29, 2016. He has with him an Elecraft KX3 transceiver and KXPA100 amplifier. Operating intermittently as W7AUM/C6A/MM from the ship's bridge with 100...

VP8ROT – Adelaide Island, AN-001

Mike, GM0HCQ is now back on board the RRS James Clark Ross following a crew change today. The ship is now preparing to head south, initially to open the summer only base at Signy...

DP1POL & DP0GVN – Neumayer Station III, Antarctica

Felix, DL5XL (N5BC), will once again operate from Antarctica using his callsign DP1POL. QTH is the German research base "Neumayer III" in Grid Locator IB59UH, IOTA AN-016, WWFF DLFF-022. Activity will be from November 2016...

8J1RL & 8J6ØJARE – Antarctica

Yath, JG2MLI will be active from the SYOWA research station, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica as 8J1RL starting January 1, 2017 to January 20, 2018. In addition, to mark the 60th anniversary of Japanese Antarctic Research...

VP8DPJ – Adelaide Island, AN-001

Alan, MW0YCC is the Communications Manager on Rothera Research Station, Adelaide Island, AN-001, British Antarctic Territory. Operating as VP8DPJ (or VP8ROT) as time permits. Possibly QRV from other Antarctic locations until April 2018. QSL via eQSL.

8T2BH – Bharati Station, Antarctica

NEWS UPDATE - Raj, VU3LBP will soon replace Bhagwati Prasad VU3BPZ/8T2BH as Communications Officer during the upcoming 36th ISEA expedition to Bharati Station, Larsemann Hills, Antarctica. This will be his QTH for the next...

Macquarie research station to remain open.

Just over a week after it was announced that the VK0/M research station was to close in 2017, a decision by the Australian Federal Government has reversed the closure. After three days of outcry from...

New VP8STI & VP8SGI video

An amazing and thrill seeking 8 week Amateur Radio DX-Pedition to the Antarctic region during Jan. 9 through Feb. 23, 2016. This Amateur Radio DX-pedition to Southern Thule - S. Sandwich Islands (VP8STI) and...

Macquarie Island research station closing in 2017

Not so good news for future DXpeditions (or those still needing VK0/M). Macquarie is currently #9 most wanted DXCC on Club Log. Australia's Antarctic Division (AAD) has confirmed the permanent research station on Macquarie Island...

DL1LLL/MM – near North Pole

Lars, DL1LLL is currently aboard Ice-breaker ODEN at 85N (near North Pole). Lars is at sea until 20th September and informs DX-World that he has no idea how active he'll be due to workload, but...

Video – VP8SGI DXpedition

VP8SGI DXpedition video by the Intrepid DX Team. The VP8STI video can found here. Over 137,000 QSOs combined were made from both DXpeditions.

VP8STI video