Wednesday, January 18, 2017
DX Arctic/Antarctic

DX Arctic/Antarctic

2015 Russian Arctic Coast Expedition by UA4WHX

NEWS UPDATE - First batch of QSLs are now being received, mainly in Russia so far. Below is a sneak preview of what you can expect. Click "more" to refresh your memory of this most...

JX9JKA – Jan Mayen

NEWS UPDATE - The JX9JKA operation is delayed. So far unknown if Svein will go on the next boat to the island (yearly main supplies) on June 7th, or the next scheduled plane on August 10th....

VK0EK – Heard Island

QRT April 6 - Good morning from Heard Island. Propagation conditions continue to improve, and the low bands were especially productive last night with many ATNOs on 40 m and new bands for 80...

QSL status – 8T2BH

8T2BH QSL manager, Gianni I1HYW, updates readers: I have not printed the QSL cards yet as I am still waiting some better pictures from Bhagwati, which should come shortly. Then I will prepare a sample...

QSL card preview – VP8SGI

Co-leader, N6PSE, informs the VP8SGI cards are now being printed. Earlier in the week we previewed the VP8STI QSL card.

Tour the RV Braveheart..

As the RV Braveheart sets sail again on another Southern Ocean journey to Heard Island, co-leader of VP8STI/SGI, Paul N6PSE, shares a personal tour of the ship during the Intrepid DX Group's mega DXpedition to...

For you to own – Signed VP8STI/SGI flags!


Interview with VP8STI/SGI Co-Leader K3LP

Interview conducted by Falkland Islands Television.