Sunday, February 26, 2017

YB8RW/P & YB8OUN/P – Batudaka Isl, OC-213

YB8RW/P and YB8OUN/P will be active from Batudaka Island OC-213 between September 27 and October 2, 2014. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/cs.(direct) FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

Pirate: T33/EA3NT

Message from Christian DU1/EA3NT on Tablas island, OC-244  T33/EA3NT was a pirate station operating while we were sailing from Caluya Island OC125 to Tablas OC244. As for DU-land activity, no other IOTA's are planned after Tablas...

V63YT – Pohnpei, Micronesia

By JE1SCJ JE1SCJ Takuto Yoshida, will activate V6 Micronesia (Pohnpei OC-010) as V63YT from November 24-28, 2010. He will participate in CQ WW DX CW contest, but will have to QRT around 09Z on the...

A word about VK9MT logs

UPDATE from Gene, K5GS, team member of VK9MT: The VK9MT team arrived back at Mackay at about 03:00 (local).. April 8th. We are now at the Mackay Marina and will begin the unloading process... We see that PayPal limited our...

E51MRC – South Cooks

Mike, ZL1MRC will be active from Muri, South Cook Islands as E51MRC between April 13-22, 2016. QRV on HF bands, 100w. QSL via H/c. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

YB0D – Damar Besar Island – OC-177

A team of YB ops will be active as YB0D from Damar Besar OC-177 between June 27 to July 1, 2013. QRV on 160-10m - CW, SSB, Digi. QSL via YB0JZS, direct. Webpage

E51AND – Pukapuka Island

Nick, VK2DX via IOTA chasers indicates that Andy E51AND plans to be active from Pukapuka Island OC-098 during August 2014. Andy did have plans to be active from Pukapuka earlier this year, but weather conditions prevented...

T88SM, T88CP & T88HK – Palau

REMINDER: Mike JA6EGL, Yas JA6UBY and Yu JE6DND plan to be active as T88SM, T88CP & T88HK respectively from Palau (OC-009) between January 9-14, 2013. QRV on 80-10m, CW and ...

FK/F8FUA – New Caledonia

Alain, F8FUA will be active from Lifou Island OC-033 as FK/F8FUA between September 5-12, 2016. QRV on HF bands. QSL: Direct, Buro, eQSL, LoTW.

4F9HXB – Mindanao, Philippines

Message from Andy, RN3AKK Hans DU9/DL5SDF Mindanao (OC-130) has new call of 4F9HXB. QSL via DL5SDF.

YB3MM – IOTA activities

UPDATE: Adhi informs that he's leaving his home later today to head to Sebesi OC-262 to survey the island for possible future activity. April 28 -- Adhi, YB3MM mentions that his next IOTA activities include: YB3MM/P...

NH0DX/NH2 – Guam

Koji, JL3RDC/NH0DX will be active from Guam as NH0DX/KH2 during January 20-22, 2017. QRV on HF bands, SSB only. QSL via JL3RDC.