Monday, March 27, 2017

E51AIU – Atiu Island, OC-083

Yoshi, JJ8DEN is QRV until August 17th as E51AIU from Atiu Island, Aitutaki Group OC-083. Look for him on 160m - 10m CW, RTTY, PSK31, JT65A. QSL via JJ8DEN.

Team assembles for TX5K

Here's a few exclusive images of some of the TX5K team in San Diego awaiting arrival of other ops before they head to Cabo San Lucas, prior to sailing for Clipperton. In addition, you can...

[Cancelled] T2HA, 3D2HA, T30HA & T33HA – Pacific Expedition

HA South Pacific Tour 2012 Press Release II We had two focuses on our announced January/February 2012 South Pacific DX Tour: T2 and T30 with possible operation from T33. We regret to advice that we had...

Travels of JH1NBN

Currently active as A52W, Yuki JH1NBN, has announced further travel plans and activity from now through to Sept-Oct: V63AQ or V6P - Micronesia (Pohnpei and OC-132 Woleai). JT - Mongolia, may have club operation. S2 - Bangladesh, may...

FK/DL2NUD and FK/DL9GRE & YJ8HP and YJ8GR – New Caledonia & Vanuatu

Note: Scroll comments for full info on YJ activity. Callsigns currently tentative.. Hermann DL2NUD and Stefan DL9GRE will be QRV from New Caledonia between January 16-19, 2011 as FK/DL2NUD and FK/DL9GRE. QSL via H/calls. -- FK/DL2NUD active...

3D2ML – Waya Island, Fiji OC-156

Dmitriy, RW6AML will be active from Waya island, Fiji as 3D2ML from July 6 - 17, 2011. This counts for IOTA OC-156 Yasawa group. Look for him on HF using CW & SSB. QSL via H/c.

E6MF – Niue

UPCOMING - Maurice ZL2MF will be active from Niue as E6MF between September 2-9, 2014. QRV mostly on 20m SSB, will try also 40, 15 and 10m. QSL via H/c. FIRST FOR DX NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

YB4IR/3 – Iyang Island, OC-237

Imam, YB4IR has announced he will be active from Iyang Island OC-237 between October 30 to November 1, 2015. FIRST FOR IOTA NEWS - DX-WORLD.NET

V85/9M8Z – Brunei

Steve 9M6DXX will be QRV as V85/9M8Z from Brunei (IOTA OC-088) starting around 0900UTC on Friday 10 February until about 0100UTC on Monday 13 February. Activity will be on 10 - 80m, SSB only, using a Butternut HF6-V...

VK9LX – Lord Howe Island

Steve, W1RSD plans to be active from Lord Howe Island during the Oceania DX Contest (Phone) on October 1-2, 2016. Staying on L.H.I until October 7th. QSL via LoTW.

DZ1P: Polillo Islands, OC-091

By Frank VE7DP Ed 4F1OZ, Gus 4F1EAA, Nani DU1COP and Gudo 4F3XX will activate the Polillo islands OC-091 on 11-13 March - with the callsign DZ1P. Gil 4F2KWT and Frank VE7DP will also be joining...

DU3/R7KW & DU3/YL3JM – Philippines

Serge R7KW and Oleg YL3JM are planning a holiday style operation from the Philippines between November 24 to December 2, 2014. Main QTH will be on Luzon island OC-042. A side trip to Corregidor island...