Saturday, January 21, 2017

QSL preview – TX2AH & VP6AH

QSL deliveries will start in the last week of December.

VK9MAV – Marion Reef/Diamond Islets, OC-267

VK9MAV - Marion Reef/Diamond Islets, OC-267. The expedition will take place end of May - June 2017. Exact dates to be advised. They depend on weather and boat availability - it's 400 km trip in...

VK9NM – Norfolk Island

REMINDER - Matt, VK1MA will be holidaying on Norfolk Island between 19-26 December 2016. The primary aim of the visit is a family holiday, so he will not be operating for large periods of...

YC9MLL – Flores Island, OC-151

Charles M0OXO informs DX-World that today he received the following information from Leo YC9MLL; "I have bought travel tickets for Flores Island IOTA OC-151. I will be on air there most probably on January 21-22...

YJ0AA, YJ0FM & YJ0WW – Vanuatu

JH2BNL as YJ0AA, JI2UAY as YJ0FM and JA2NQG as YJ0WW from Port Vila, Vanuatu. (Callsigns requested). 160-10 meters. CW, SSB, FM & RTTY. Two 500W stations and one x 200W station. Inverted L, dipoles, CrankIR...

H44SHD – Solomon Islands

Look for Remo, HB9SHD to soon be active from the Uepi island resort, New Georgia Islands OC-149, Solomon Islands as H44SHD. QRV on HF bands. QSL via H/c.

E51DLD – South Cooks

Doug, W6HB will again be active from Rarotonga as E51DLD between April 28 to May 13, 2017. QRV on 160-10m using the shacks of E51AND and E51JD. QSL via homecall.

T88FM, T88HY, T88MK, T88NC, T88RR & T88VV – Palau

Japanese operators JM1LIG (T88FM), JL1HYH (T88HY), JO3LVG (T88MK), JI6NCY (T88NC), JA6UBY (T88RR) and JH6DUL (T88VV) will be active from Palau during June 16-23, 2017. QRV on 160-6m, CW/SSB/RTTY. QSL via H/cs.

DU1/JA1PBV – Lubang Isl, OC-126

Sadao, JA1PBV, recently active from Polillo Island OC-091, is now active from Lubang Island OC-126 as DU1/JA1PBV. QRV on 15 & 20m CW. QSL via H/c.

T88GA – Koror Island

Ted, JA7XBG will be active from Koror, Palau as T88GA between December 25-29, 2016. QRV on 160-6m, CW/SSB/Digi. QSL via H/c, LoTW.

3D3FY – Fiji

Chris, VK3FY will be QRV from Fiji as 3D3FY (requested call) between December 6-14, 2016. Activity on 80-10m, CW/SSB. QSL via M0OXO.

3D2JS – Fiji

Jim, WB2JTO announces he will be returning to Fiji soon: "I will be back in Fiji on the island of Taveuni in late November, 2016. My lifelong friend Glenn built a house on the island...