Sunday, February 26, 2017

VK9NN – Norfolk Island

Following their ZK2A operation the team will travel to Norfolk Island signing VK9NN. Activity from here commences Dec 5, 2010 for one or two weeks. QSL via PA3LEO. Website

VK9XL – Christmas Island

Hiro JH3PBL plans to be active on HF as VK9XL from Christmas Island, OC-002 (Indian Ocean) between January 14 - 20, 2011. QSL via H/c. DX

T32C Christmas Island, 2011 – Five Star DXers Association

The Five Star DXers Association (FSDXA) is pleased to announce its next DXpedition, to Kiritimati (also known as Christmas Island, T32) to take place in September/October 2011. FSDXA, closely linked to CDXC (Chiltern DX...

Dubai-Japan-Guam-Palau: DL2OBO on tour.

Between October 15 to November 8, Tom, DL2OBO will be taking in Dubai, Japan, Guam and Palau on his honeymoon travels. The complete itinerary/operating schedule is listed on Tom's website. DX

FO/JI1JKW – Tuamotu Archipelago

Hiro, JI1JKW will again be returning to French Polynesia - this time to activate Tikehau Atoll (OC-066) Tuamotu Archipelago between 10-14 October as FO/JI1JKW. QRV on 40-6m CW, SSB, mostly 20m. QSL via H/c. most recent FO/JI1JKW activity...

9M6XRO/P, 9M6DXX/P and 9M6/G3USR – Labuan Island, OC-133

October 6: Now QRV from OC-133 Message from Steve, 9M6DXX (August 27) Following their operation from Sebatik Island (OC-295) John, 9M6XRO; Steve, 9M6DXX, and Gordon, G3USR, will operate as 9M6XRO/P, 9M6DXX/P and 9M6/G3USR respectively, from...

CE0Y/DK2ZF & CE0Y/DK7ZB – Easter Island

Rolf, DK2ZF and Martin DK7ZB are active from Easter Island until 6 November as CE0Y/DK2ZF and CE0Y/DK7ZB. Their focus is on 50, 144 and 432 mHz EME, but they have been QRV on 30, 20 & 15m...

Images: 9M6DXX/p & 9M6XRO/p – Sebatik Island, OC-295

Thanks to Steve 9M6DXX, John 9M6XRO and QSL manager Tim M0URX for providing these images of the recent OC-295 activation. Reminder: From October 5th to 8th John, 9M6XRO; Steve, 9M6DXX, and Gordon, G3USR, will operate as...

Pacific DXers

Message from Edward WRH DeYoung, VK4AN PACIFIC DXERS was formed in September 2010 for anyone interested in Pacific DXing or DXing in the Pacific. To learn more about us please visit This mail is sent...

KH2/JA7PRC & KH2/JH7DFZ – Guam

By JA7PRC We are planning to be QRV from Guam as KH2/JA7RPC and KH2/JH7DFZ between November 5 - 7th 2010. QSL is OK via Buro. ADXO

VK9NA – Norfolk Island

Following their VK9NA VHF/UHF activity in January this year, the team are heading back to Norfolk Island, OC-005 early next year. They will be on the island between January 7 - 21, 2011. Website.

DU1/JJ5GMJ – Palawan Island, OC-128

Hiro, JJ5GMJ is now active from Palawan Island, OC-128. He has been here since August following a company (work) transfer. End date as yet unknown. QRV all bands. QSL via H/c - may take...