CE0Z: Juan Fernandez Aid – Special Website Launched

    Stan, SQ8X has circulated the following important information.

    Please forward to all DX bulletins and circulate as widely as possible.

    I’d like to inform the ham radio community about a special website dedicated to help islanders of Archipelago Juan Fernández, CE0Z. The site is intended to inform people about what happened at the island and how to help collect funds to restore the island’s infrastructure and islanders’ lives. We really hope this will help them as they have helped so many times to numerous hams visiting the island. In our opinion it’s hams’ turn to help now. The website is available at: http://help-juan-fernandez.org/ IMPORTANT: Spanish version of the site will be added in a few days.

    The idea was formed in my head right after the earthquake and has been introduced and widely discussed with the president of Radio Club de Chile, Dr Galdino Besomi CE3PG, who agreed to declare patronage over this aid action. RCCh will be 100% responsible for collecting and transferring funds to islanders. A monthly report will be published at the site + RCCh’s website at http://ce3aa.cl/

    Please read the website to learn more about the idea and how to help. We will be very helpful for sharing this info across ham bulletins, club websites, radio leagues and other sources of information. If you have any further questions different than website’s maintenance and technical stuff, please feel free to contact Radio Club de Chilefor further news and details.

    On behalf of Radio Club de Chile,

    Stan Strzyzewski, Poland SQ8X