CE0Z/SM6CUK – Juan Fernandez Archipelago

    Thanks to Lars, SM6CUK for providing the following info from Juan Fernandez.

    I am now QRV from Robinson Crusoe Island, Juan Fernandez Archipelago as CE0Z/SM6CUK.

    I have a perfect location just close to the Ocean. QRV only on CW with 100 Watts, a vertical for 30 meters and a G5RV for other bands. No activity on 160 meters. I will stay here until Monday (Dec 14) before going home.

    QSLs will be printed in Jan/Febr and is OK via bureau or direct with SAE+IRC or with 2 USD. QSL for my operation as CE0Y/SM6CUK will be sent out earlier.

    73 de Lars SM6CUK