CK8G – The Perfect Storm

    The recent expedition by John Boudreau (VE8EV) to Greens Island on the Arctic coast came to a successful conclusion on April 21 after six days on the air. Located 15km from the community of Paulatuk, Northwest Territories, the island is part of the Islands on the Air (IOTA) NA-182 Inuvik Region East Group.

    At the beginning of the operation it was the rarest island group in Canada among participants in the IOTA awards program. Using the special callsign CK8G, John operated from a tent on the island with a generator and a small triband yagi antenna making almost 5000 contacts with stations in over 100 countries.

    Support for the trip was received from the Island Radio Expedition Foundation, the German DX Foundation, the Clipperton DX Club, Icom Canada, and numerous individual donors.

    A complete [and very interesting] write-up of the expedition can be found here.