Clipperton Island 2013

    Fresh news update – interested in joining?

    Bob KK6EK reports that the March 2013 Clipperton Island DXpedition is in the final stages of assembling the team. Currently there are several openings to join the project, and the team is soliciting any operators with some form of DXpedition experience to join them. You can see the current team at the DXpedition website.

    A complete description of the project, including information for participants, is posted on the website. Click DOCUMENTS on the splash page and download the PDF file. There you will find information about the project, including the cost to participants. If you are interested in joining the team, it is advisable to contact them immediately. You can do so by contacting the organizers Bob KK6EK [at] or Chris [at] dl1mgb.

    Note that the Clipperton DXpedition will make use of DXA, the system for displaying QSOs on the DXA web page within 60 seconds after they are logged. Additional technology that will be used on Clipperton is being developed for use on Heard Island in January, 2014.

    The Clipperton DXpedition is also assembling an offsite team, including pilots or regional coordinators, and people to help develop capabilities for software defined radio (SDR). If you are interested in participating in that team, please contact the expedition leaders.

    Finally a number of scientific projects are being planned for the expedition, and inquiries are invited in that area.