Colombian Government Says RA3CO Not Licensed For Contest Operations

    The Colombian government has formally stated that no license was ever issued to Russian contester Dimitri Kryukov RA3CO, raising fresh questions about the legality of his CQ WW contest operations in that country in 2007 and 2008, and prompting renewed calls for his disqualification.

    “We think you have the sufficient evidence to take the appropriate actions,” wrote Juan Camilo Rodriguez HK3CQ to CQ WW Contest Committee Director K3EST, on behalf of a group of Colombian contesters and DX’ers .

    “Rest assured that we will continue to safeguard our country??s regulations from illegal and fraudulent operations,” he wrote.

    In 2007, RA3CO used the station of Tony Rogozinski HK1AR/W4OI in Colombia, signing as HK1AR, and finishing second in the world in Single Op Low Power category of CQ WW CW.

    According to Colombian amateur radio rules, that operation was illegal, as Colombia calls cannot be “lent” to another ham for use.

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