CQ8X – Azores

    For the first time, the Azores Islands will be active under the callsign CQ8X in this weekend’s WPX Contest, featuring a multinational team of CU2CE, CU2DX, DL6LAU, N6RC, OH1TV, OH2BH, OH2UA, OH6KN, OH6RM and OH8NC.  They may even put another station on as CR2X to push for more Xtremes. Please  kindly update your CTY file.

    This not only marks Arcala Extreme’s (OH8X) Annual Meeting, now held in the Azores, but also forms part of their 3rd anniversary activity – OH8X, from Arctic Circle will be there as well courtesy of Marko, OH4JFN.

    As part of the upcoming festivities, the 2nd phase DX Summit will be made available to limited Beta testers for Easter. If you wish to be one, please kindly contact Radio Arcala by email <oh8x@sral.fi>

    QSL: CR2X/CQ8X via OH2BH, OH8X via OH2UA