Current QSL status of UA4WHX expeditions.

    1. If you need a paper QSL, request it directly with Pay Pal, not via the buro. All Africa QSOs have been LoTW uploaded. Do use Pay Pal as I may not be there in Russia at the time when your cards come in. When with PayPal, no need for your QSLs, a list of QSOs and your current address is all I need. The Pay Pal e-mail is identical to the one on this page.

    2. I find disappointing the number of abusive direct requests expecting half a kilo of my QSLs and half a day of my time to prepare them against half an IRC or a dollar. To avoid this in the future, I am introducing a strict no exceptions under no conditions formula:

    First country/call in the request = 3 USD, each country/call extra + 1 USD. That also concerns direct requests paid with risky cash-in-the-envelope shipments with the difference in the formula that the first counrty/call in the request = 2 USD, the rest stays.

    For example, you request SU9VB and E40VB + 5H3VMB/3, that translates into 5 USD. Please be fair and do not pressure me with the notion of the Ham Spirit. I have done enough to deliver the valid QSO to you. Do your part of the job as well.

    3. All direct QSLs received after January 1, 2013 and having IRCs enclosed will be treated as buro requests and will be answered via your buro. Do not send IRCs after that date unless you are happy with the buro.

    4. We are in the 21st century, is not that time to stop shifting papers (being that USD cash or IRCs) across borders? I do not need any cards anyway, although I will be happy to QSL if required. See if you can make an effort to learn how you can be part of that Electronic Age as well.

    5. I do not agree that LoTW is an assortment of QSLs. I want to see it as an open database. I will immediately return to LoTW when

    I have full access to my data there which includes:

    a. unlimited editing; b. deleting any of my data if necessary.

    6. I do answer bureau requests but, please, do not count on it as a way of getting a card. See it as a lottery. If that is fine with you – request via the buro. Your chances are a good factor of my spare time and funds being available. I may consider shipping bulk to National QSL bureaus provided we sort the details of the shipment out with them.


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