CW from Venus?!

    On the Use of Amateur Frequency Band and Call for Support of Reception of Signal for Deep Space Satellite ??UNITEC-1? Flying towards Venus.

    ??UNITEC-1? is a satellite (or ??an artificial planet? as it will escape the Earth gravitational field) which will be launched into Venus transfer orbit by H-IIA launch vehicle with the main payload of ??Planet-C? (Venus orbiter developed by JAXA, Japan) on May 2010 (plan). It has the following engineering missions:

    • Technologies to receive and decode very weak and low bit rate signal coming from deep space will be developed and experimented.
    • Technologies to estimate orbit and signal Doppler shift of the satellite based on the received RF signal will be developed and experimented. These technologies are essential for tracking and receiving signals from a satellite in deep space.

    We would like to call for fundamental support from radio amateurs, all over the world.

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