Deliberate QRM et al..

    A personal plea from DX World of Ham Radio:

    Readership of is now vast – it’s through this channel a personal plea is issued in the hope of at least restricting the most unsavoury, ongoing aspect of Ham Radio – Deliberate QRM

    It’s the bugbear of thousands. The operating antics – even now as I write this – are nothing short of disgraceful whenever FT5GA hits the airwaves.  UPDATE: Now K4M – Midway

    • The level of abuse on the DX Cluster (at times anti – French / now anti-American) is all too evident – either in announcements or on the spotters frequency. Cringeworthy.
    • The ear-piercing QRM on the transmit frequency of FT5GA /K4M is 100% childish, selfish and wholly unacceptable. It goes completely against your license terms.
    • Callsigns (operators) who should know better are not exempt from the deliberate QRM.

    It’s not just the Glorioso DXpedition which has to contend with this overall form of deliberate abuse – many other noticeable expeditions of yesteryear have too. K4M – Midway will no doubt be abused too…. UPDATE:  they are.

    We try to remain impartial at DX World and let everyone have their say, either in the negative or positive with regards any DXpedition, but on personally listening to 48 hours (or is it 72) of QRM during FT5GA, it has proved to me, that now is the beginning of the end of major Dxpeditions if this is the kind of horrendous crap they have to put up with.

    Can this disease ever be cleared?

    Your thoughts and input are very welcome.