Distance between Bonaire & Saba

    From the EUDXF website, dated May 30, 2010:

    The date for the constitutional change in the Netherlands Antilles is now set for 10-10-10. In 2009 I anticipated that this change would lead to four new DXCC entities. Recently the PJ2T team brought to my attention that – measured with Google Earth – the distance between Bonaire and Saba is 798.5 km (so slightly less than 800 km). With this distance the BES islands would count as one DXCC entity only.

    There is hope though: ARRL does not use Google Earth but detailed Nautical charts or Geodetic Survey charts with a high level of detail to determine the distance between two points.

    Calculating the distance between Bonaire at (my best guess) 12º13’18.07″N 68º11’51.25″W and Saba on 17º36’56.26″N 63º15’06.32W” using the WGS84 Earth Model the distance is 799.4 km. Using the spherical model, where 1 minute is 1 Nautical Mile the distance calculated is 800.6 km.