DU6/EA3NT, DU6/SM0MDG & DU6/IZ7ATN – Semirara Islands, OC-125

    • From Christian DU6/EA3NT.

    We are on Caluya island OC-125. A rather small island with very nice people. We started operations mainly on 40 and 20m, but propagation has been poor. We will continue the trip to Tablas isl. OC-244 probably on Sunday.

    Unfortunately, our antenna is on the ground, not on the roof, and our signal is not as good as we would wish. Also the generator which provides power to the island stops from 12 hrs to 04 am local time. We had to QRT for 4 hours, but we have managed to get some batteries today, so now no QRT expected. We also are having a lot of noise out of the islands generator, so please excuse us if you have to repeat callsigns many times.

    Internet connection is from the city council, no internet cafe, therefore I do not expect to be online until Tablas island.

    [January 11] — Christian EA3NT, Bjorn SM0MDG and Simon IZ7ATN plan to be active from the rare Caluya island, Semirara Islands OC-125 during January 13 to 15.

    Proceeding this activity, look for EA3NT & SM0MDG to be QRV from Tablas, OC-244.